These Grinch Desserts are perfect for all your Grinch themed Christmas parties or a movie night in. These recipes are easy and fun to make.

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My kids and I love to make Grinch themed desserts. The fun green color with the red sprinkle heart makes anyone smile.

We love to make Grinch Treats and watch our favorite Grinch Stole Christmas movie. It is a tradition they look forward to every year.

Grinch Dessert Ideas

The holidays always bring out the best Christmas Dessert Recipes. But these grinch dessert recipes are my favorite. From cake pops to Grinch pie, you will have fun making them and sharing with friends and family.

1. Grinch Cake Pops

These cake pops are perfect to make with green food coloring and a store bought cake. Add your favorite red sprinkled for a delicious treat.

Grinch Cake Pops
If you are looking for a fun and easy dessert for Christmas, make these Grinch Cake Pops. Simple ingredients make these so fun and festive.
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2. Grinch Fluff

This is one of our favorite grinch desserts. The creamy and soft texture makes is a family favorite.

Grinch Fluff
We love Grinch themed desserts and this Grinch Fluff is one of our favorites to make. Grinch dessert dip is easy to make with simple ingredients.
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3. Grinch Brownies

I love that these brownies is combination of our favorites desserts.

Grinch Brownies
These Grinch Brownies are delicious and easy to make. These fun and festive brownies are perfect for the holidays.
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4. Grinch Pie

This grinch is loaded with flavor and topped with red and green sprinkles.

Grinch Pie
This Grinch Pie is the ultimate Christmas dessert. The cream cheese mixture fills a Oreo Crust and topped with fun and festive sprinkles.
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5. Grinch Pretzels

I love how easy this Grinch dessert is to make.

Grinch Pretzels
Simple ingredients makes this a family favorite to make.
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6. Grinch Pancakes

The perfect breakfast to make on Christmas morning.

Grinch Pancakes
Easy Grinch Pancakes that are perfect for the Holidays and Christmas Breakfast.
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7. Grinch Popcorn Balls

Turn your classic recipe into a fun green color with a red heart sprinkle for a fun treat.

Grinch Popcorn Balls
These Grinch Popcorn Balls would be perfect for your Grinch themed parties. They are easy to make and taste amazing.
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The perfect dessert for the holiday season. They are very soft and loaded with flavor.

Grinch Cookie Bars
These Grinch Cookie Bars are perfect to make to watch a Grinch Movie or decorate the tree. Make these easy sugar cookie bars for delicious treat.
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9. Grinch Hot Chocolate

I love to serve this hot chocolate for all of our grinch themed parties.

Grinch Hot Chocolate
Get into the Christmas spirit this holiday season and make this Grinch Hot Chocolate. Serve this drink at all your Grinch themed parties.
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10. Grinch Cinnamon Rolls

I love to surprise the kids while on Christmas break with these delicious cinnamon rolls.

Grinch Cinnamon Rolls
The perfect Christmas breakfast starts with these Grinch Cinnamon Rolls. These fun and festive cinnamon roll are perfect for a Grinch themed breakfast.
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11. Grinch Fudge

This fudge recipe is loaded with flavor and easy to make.

Grinch Fudge
Grinch Fudge is creamy, delicious and made into a fun green color with a red heart sprinkle. This is the perfect fudge to serve this Christmas season.
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12. Grinch Bark

Top this Grinch Bark with your favorite candy for a fun and festive treat.

Grinch Fudge
Fun and festive Christmas Bark
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13. Grinch Milkshake

This Milkshake is perfect to drink while watching your favorite Grinch movie.

Grinch Milkshake
Grinch Milkshake is the perfect treat to celebrate the holiday season. Mint chocolate chip is blended to make a fun and festive shake.
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14. Grinch Oreo Pops

I love making these Grinch Oreo Pops and put in glasses for the perfect holiday centerpiece.

Grinch Oreo Pops
Grinch Oreo Pops is the perfect holiday dessert. Classic Oreos are dipped in melted candy and topped with a red heart candy for a festive treat.
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15. Grinch Cake Balls

Start with a red velvet cake mix to make these Grinch Cake Balls.

Grinch Cake Balls
Grinch Cake Balls is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. This cake balls recipe starts with a cake mix and transforms into the perfect holiday treat.
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16. Grinch Cupcakes

If you are heading to a Grinch themed party, make these Grinch cupcakes.

Grinch Cupcakes
The Grinch Cupcakes make an easy holiday dessert. The red velvet cupcakes are topped with an easy green frosting and a red heart sprinkle.
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17. Grinch Dip

Serve this Grinch Dip with your favorite dippers.

Grinch Dip
This Grinch Dip is perfect for all your Grinch themed parties. The green color and the red hearts makes this a fun and festive holiday dip.
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18. Grinch Chocolate Covered Oreos

Make these for your next holiday party.

Grinch Oreos
Cover your holiday Oreos with a green coating and top with a red heart sprinkle.
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19. Grinch Hot Chocolate Bombs

The kids will have to drop these Grinch Chocolate Bombs in their warm milk.

Grinch Hot Chocolate Bombs
Grinch Hot Chocolate Bombs is the perfect addition to your hot chocolate. Sprinkles, melted chocolate and more makes your hot chocolate delicious.
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20. Grinch Oreo Balls

Oreo balls are the perfect bite size dessert for any occasion.

Grinch Oreo Balls
Grinch Oreo Balls are a fun and festive no bake dessert that is made with simple ingredients. The perfect dessert to bring to all your holiday parties.
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21. Grinch Rice Krispie Treats

Turning your classic rice krispie treats green is always a fun treat.

Grinch rice Krispie Treats Recipe
If you are looking for a fun and festive twist on a classic recipe, make Grinch Rice Krispie Treats. These green treats are so easy to make.
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22. Grinch Truffles

I love these Grinch Truffles for a delicious holiday treat. The perfect size to enjoy for any holiday dinner.

Grinch Truffles Recipe
Grinch Truffles make the perfect treat this holiday season. These oreo cookie balls will be perfect for a Grinch movie night or party.
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23. Grinch Popcorn

Snack on this popcorn while you are watch your favorite holiday movie.

Grinch Popcorn Recipe
Grinch Popcorn is the perfect treat to make for movie night. It is sweet and salty while being so festive!
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24. Grinch Cookies

These Grinch cookies are perfect to serve this holiday.

Easy Grinch Cookies Recipe
Start a new family tradition with this Grinch Cookies Recipe. It is super easy, so delicious and your kids will love it! 
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25. Grinch Puppy Chow

Puppy chow is a must for the holidays. Making it green and making with red and green M&M’s is always a plus.

Easy Grinch Puppy Chow Recipe
This easy Grinch puppy chow is the perfect dessert for Christmas. It is loaded with peanut butter, chocolate and more for a decadent and fun treat.
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26. Grinch Cake Mix Cookies

Turn you cake mix into these festive cookies.

Easy Grinch Cake Mix Cookies Recipe
Learn how to make delicious and easy Grinch Cake Mix Cookies Recipe that will quickly become a yearly tradition. Your family will ask for these year after year and precious memories will be made with these yummy cookies.
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27. Grinch Punch

This 3 ingredient Punch is a must for the holiday season.

Easy 3 Ingredient Grinch Punch Recipe
I’m so excited to share with you this Grinch punch recipe. It is a fun twist on the traditional sherbet punch recipe that our family loves. However, we are jazzing it up a bit to make the best Christmas punch recipe!
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28. Grinch Marshmallow Pops

These marshmallow pops are fun to make.

Grinch Marshmallow Pops
Celebrate the holiday season and let your heart grow 2 sizes in one day with these adorable Grinch Marshmallow Pops!
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29. Grinch Pretzel Bites

This sweet and salty treat is the perfect holiday dessert. Use green candy melts to make the fun green color.

Grinch Bites
Delicious and festive Grinch Bites for your Christmas cookie platter or wonderful as gifts.
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30. Grinch Heart Macarons

These Macarons are gluten free and so delicious.

Grinch Heart Macarons
Grinch Heart Macarons are the perfect Christmas cookie for gifting or to bring to a Christmas party. They’re naturally gluten free cookies too!
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31. Grinch Heart Cookies

These cookies will be an impressive treat this holiday.

Grinch Heart Cookies – Stained Glass Window
Grinch heart cookies are a fun and festive holiday treat. So the Grinch himself might not be the most ‘festive’ soul at heart (far from it!) but these red and green Christmas cookies are so cute! And Grinch cookies with a heart shaped stained glass window are perfect for Christmas.
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Make these cookie sandwich for a delightful holiday treat.

Grinch Cookie Sandwich
How fun are these Grinch themed cookies?! And, not only is it a cookie, it’s a Grinch cookie sandwich with frosting inside! It’s like adding two awesome sweets together in one.
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33. Instant Pot Truffles

Use your instant pot to make your favorite truffles.

Instant Pot Truffles
Are you looking for a fun Christmas treat to make using the Instant Pot? These truffles are perfect for when you want to whip up some bite-sized treats. In fact these Grinch truffle bites are super easy to make. These Dr Seuss Inspired treats taste incredible and go right with the holiday theme. You can also get your kids to join in and help you make them!
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34. Grinch Cake

This Grinch Cake would be the perfect holiday gift.

Chocolate and mint layered Grinch Cakes are a deliciously fun way to celebrate the holiday season. Rich, decadent and whimsical for all ages! Great gifts too.
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35. Grinch Fudge in a Jar

This dessert is rich and creamy and the perfect single serving dessert.

Grinch Fudge in a Jar Recipe
Grinch Fudge in a Jar is a rich and creamy, spoonable fudge recipe that is easy to make and crazy delicious! It is the perfect single-serving dessert, and makes an adorable holiday gift.
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36. Grinch Marshmallows

You won’t believe how easy these marshmallows are to make.

Grinch Marshmallows
Festive and fun, these Grinch Marshmallows are a unique Christmas treat! You won’t believe how easy it is to make homemade marshmallows…and it’s so worth it!
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These cookie pops are fun to make this holiday.

12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Grinch Cookie Pops Recipe
You’re a mean one, Mister Grinch…you really are a heel!!  Well, he really WAS. But then he “got it” and we all know how the rest of the story goes. Given that the Grinch is one of my most favorite stories of all time, I have a whole lot of Grinch fun for you this week!  Be sure to check out the DIY Grinch Crafts and Recipes post and find out how to make a fondant Grinch cake also!
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38. Grinch Lollipop

Tasty, easy to make festive lollipop.

This Grinch Lollipop Recipe is so Easy and Tasty!
When planning a Grinch movie night treat buffet, well, I had to make this simple and fun Grinch lollipop recipe. The kid loved them and she helped me make them, too!
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39. Grinch Snowball Cookies

These bite size cookies are delicious to make and the perfect sweet treat.

Grinch Snowball Cookies
These Grinch Cookies are so festive even the grumpiest of grinches will have to smile! These Grinch Snowball Cookies are a colorful twist on the classic snowball cookie recipe. They’re one of our most popular Christmas recipes of all time!
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40. Grinch Fruit Kabobs

If you are looking for a healthy treat, make these fruit kabobs.

Grinch Fruit Kabobs Skewers
These adorable Grinch Fruit Kabobs will be a hit at your Christmas party!  Made with grapes, strawberries, bananas and marshmallows, these cute little skewers are so healthy and delicious!
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41. Grinch Hot Vanilla Milk

Warm up with this hot vanilla milk.

Try our Grinch Hot Vanilla Milk as a special treat on your Holiday Movie Nights – this yummy hot vanilla flavored milk will really hit the spot.
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42. Minty Grinch Dip

This dip tasty amazing with a hint of mint and is super easy to make.

Minty Grinch Dip is a fun addition to holiday menus. Easy to make, this mint flavored dessert dip is great for Christmas and all year long.
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43. Decorated Grinch Cookies

These cookies are perfect to dunk into a glass of milk.

Decorated Grinch Cookies
Decorated Grinch Cookies are smile inspiring. Everyone who looks at the Grinch’s wobbly grin just has to grin back. The chocolate or vanilla sugar cookie sticks are perfectly shaped for dunking in a glass of milk or a mug of hot chocolate. Bake and share some Christmas cookie cheer Grinch-style!
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44. Grinch Ice Cream Float

Enjoy an ice cream float while you enjoy your favorite holiday movie.

The kid's Grinch Ice Cream Float recipe is a delicious lemon-lime ice cream float recipe with a little tang that you can enjoy while watching The Grinch on DVD. This recipe was inspired by The Grinch movie. 
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45. Grinch Peppermint Fudge

The hint of peppermint makes this my favorite fudge to make and an easy recipe.

Grinch Peppermint Fudge
This festive Grinch Peppermint Fudge is a fun twist on typical Christmas fudge recipes. Neon green color and red heart sprinkles turn peppermint fudge into a Grinch-themed treat!
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