As the Holiday season approaches, family gatherings may be incomplete without some delicious Christmas dips. We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas dip recipes you have to try!

We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas dip recipes you have to try! They are simple to make and are the perfect appetizers. We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas dip recipes you have to try! #christmasonadime #christmasdips #dipsforchristmas
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We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas dip recipes you have to try! They are simple to make and are the perfect appetizers. We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas dip recipes you have to try! #christmasonadime #christmasdips #dipsforchristmas

1.  Dill pickle dip recipe

Looking for a sour and savory dip for the holidays? This dill pickle dip is so delicious and it will surely hit the spot! The ingredients can be bought anywhere so better learn this easy dill pickle dip recipe.

Dill pickle dip recipe
With just a few simple ingredients, you can make this tasty and flavor-packed dill pickle dip. Each bite is amazing and the entire recipe is so amazing.
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2. Pepperoni Pizza dip

Taste the rich flavor of pepperoni pizza on your favorite chips with this pepperoni pizza dip. This recipe is one of the easiest to make with just four ingredients. Your pizza lover guests will be enticed by this rich-flavored dip.

Pepperoni Pizza dip
This tasty Pizza Dip makes a warm, gooey, and delicious dip that is just as easy to throw together as it is yummy.
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3. Rotel dip

Spending the holidays won’t be complete without an easy to make dip. This rotel dip is so cheesy and it makes the perfect appetizer. You only need 3 ingredients to make this perfect dip.

Rotel dip
This cheesy recipe only requires 3 ingredients and is simple to make.
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4. Avocado dip

Checking on your health and counting your calories is tough during the holiday season. Worry no more, with this avocado dip recipe. You’ll get to eat your favorite snacks and enjoy the creaminess of this dip. It is so tasty.

Avocado dip
Avocado Dip is so creamy and delicious, and you only need 5 ingredients to make it.
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5. Fiesta ranch dip

Want to liven up your holidays with some chip dip? Try this fiesta ranch dip recipe and you’ll surely add this to your list of favorites. This, together with your favorite chips, will make the best appetizer for your guests.

Fiesta ranch dip
You will be surprised how delicious this easy fiesta ranch dip is to make.
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6. Ground Beef taco dip

Enjoy your holidays with this ground beef taco dip. This dip is oozing with lots of delicious flavors combined to make the ultimate dip. It is so easy to make and your guests will line up to taste this.

Ground Beef taco dip
Ground beef taco dip has lots of delicious layers for the best party dip that is always a crowd-pleaser and so easy to make.
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7. Mexican White Cheese dip

This dip might be familiar if you once visited a Mexican resto. Mexican white cheese dip might be served during your typical taco Tuesdays. But this can also be served during the cold holiday seasons. It is delicious and children love it!

Mexican White Cheese dip
This delicious and versatile Mexican white cheese dip recipe is similar to white cheese sauces served in many delicious Mexican restaurants.
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8. Homemade Ranch dip

Homemade ranch dip is an easy to make dip. They won’t disappoint your guests during your small party or get togethers. Add this simple ranch dip recipe to your menu and everyone will enjoy your vegetables and salad with this dip. The taste is so filling and you’ll love how this homemade ranch dip goes well with anything.

Homemade Ranch dip
Homemade ranch dip is super easy to make and perfect for dipping your favorite vegetables.
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9. Velveeta Chili Cheese dip

This recipe gives you the creamiest consistency of a Velveeta chili cheese dip. This dip will suffice your holiday cravings and you’ll only need three ingredients for this recipe. It is so hearty and you’ll spend less time and minimal effort.

Velveeta Chili Cheese dip
With only 3 ingredients, this Velveeta chili cheese dip is creamy, delicious, and super easy to make for the best snack or appetizer.
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10. Jalapeno popper dip

Every bite of this jalapeno popper dip makes you swoon with goodness so it’s better to give this a shot. This recipe includes a lot of flavors perfect for setting the mood for your yearly holiday fun. Everything comes together so perfectly, this dip will be a crowd’s favorite.

Jalapeño popper dip
The entire dish is creamy with the perfect amount of heat and topped with bacon and more cheese.
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11. Mango Salsa

If you’re serving seafood or any Mexican dish during the holiday season, try this mango salsa recipe. It is the perfect balance between sweet and spicy, one taste and you’ll get addicted. Each bite will make you want to make another batch!

Mango Salsa
This easy Mango salsa recipe has the perfect combination of sweet and spicy for a delicious salsa.
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12. Texas Caviar

You’ll get a glimpse of the life of the South with the amazing flavors it comes with. Try this Texas caviar dip recipe and it’ll be one of your favorite appetizers! The taste is so fantastic, you’ll experience a blast of wonderful flavors with this dip.

This is the perfect dip to make any time of the year.

Texas Caviar
Lots of veggies, beans, and more combined with jalapenos and lime for a dip that is delicious and has so much flavor.
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13. Guacamole

If it’s your first time making this amazing dip, don’t be scared because it is super easy! This easy guacamole recipe has never been this easy and delicious to make.

 It really is all about combining 4 basic ingredients and creating a flavorful dip.
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14. Copycat Chipotle Queso Blanco

Preparing for the holiday banquet is tough when you’re having fast food cravings. Fear not and try this creamy and cheesy copycat Chipotle queso blanco recipe. With just one bite you’ll be able to taste the creaminess and smoothness of this dip, it’s so delicious!

Copycat Chipotle Queso Blanco
Copycat Chipotle Queso Blanco Recipe is creamy, smooth, and full of flavor and now you can make it at home.
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15. 7 layer Dip

Add some extra color and flavor to your holiday feast by including this easy 7 layer dip recipe . It may be complicated to look at but this is so easy to put together. The taste of beans, salsa, guacamole, and many more will surely hit the spot.

7-Layer Dip
Layers of refried beans, salsa, guacamole, and more make this one of the best dips for parties, tailgating, and more.
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16. Pimento Cheese Dip

Pimento cheese dip is an easy to make and creamy snack for your party. The hearty taste of cheese and the smooth texture compliments your go-to chips and movie snacks. This will be your favorite appetizer before and even after your holiday activities start.

Pimento Cheese Dip
Pimento cheese dip is creamy and delicious with only a few ingredients.
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17. Black bean corn Salsa

With just a few ingredients, you’ll be able to make this fantastic dip. Try this black bean salsa recipe for your food preparation for the holidays.

Black bean corn Salsa
With just a few ingredients, this black bean corn salsa recipe is quick and easy.
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18. Copycat Qdoba queso

Many people are craving the goodness of Qdoba’s queso. If you’re one of them, this copycat Qdoba queso recipe is for you. The oozing deliciousness and creaminess of cheese make this dip a perfect partner for your chips on your dinner table. Serve it with cut veggies or corn chips and you’ll make your guests happy.

Copycat Qdoba queso
Cheesy, creamy queso is just what you want from this copycat recipe.
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19. Crack dip recipe

Trying some simple and low calorie snacks for your evening? You have to try this crack dip recipe as you vibe with the Christmas spirit. The taste of the perfect blend of bacon and cheese will satisfy your holiday cravings.

Crack dip recipe
Crack dip recipe is so creamy and full of bacon and cheese that one bite will have you hooked. It is amazing and super easy!
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20. Corn Salsa

If you’re a fan of trying restaurant dishes and dips, you have to give this corn salsa recipe a shot! It will give off Chipotle salsa’s taste that everyone can enjoy. It is best if you serve it with chicken, seafood, or maybe just your favorite snack.

Corn Salsa
You can't go wrong with this Chipotle corn salsa that is super easy to make and tastes so fresh and delicious.
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Sweet Dessert Dips

What better way to celebrate the indulgences of the Christmas spirit than with some delectable sweet dessert dips? These are some of the best dips to brighten up the holiday season.

21. Easy pumpkin dip

If you love pumpkin pie, you’ll get addicted to this easy pumpkin dip recipe. With just five ingredients, you’ll have the creamiest pumpkin dip for the holiday season. Your sweet tooth will love this crowd-favorite dip.

Easy pumpkin dip
Easy Pumpkin Dip is creamy and easy to make with just 5 ingredients.
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22. Caramel dip

Lesser prep work with fewer ingredients. Try this 2-ingredient caramel dip recipe and your effort won’t go to waste. This, together with your sweet treats, is the best combination while you wait for your party to start.

Caramel dip
This 2-ingredient caramel dip recipe is easy to make and so decadent.
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23. Raspberry Fruit dip

Looking for a dip to compliment your fresh fruits for this holiday? Try this raspberry fruit dip recipe and you won’t regret it. Your guests will love the sweetness of the combination of cream cheese and raspberry.

Raspberry Fruit dip
The cream cheese blended with the lemon juice and fresh raspberries come together for the best dip!
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24. Caramel Apple Cheesecake dip

Have a taste of caramel, apple, and cheesecake in one bite with this caramel apple cheesecake dip. It’s oozing with sweet flavors and a smooth texture that will make you want to crave more. It’ll hype your holiday events.

Caramel Apple Cheesecake dip
This dip has the best combinations of caramel, apple, and cheesecake for a fabulous dip with delicious flavors.
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25. Easy Cake Batter Dip

A celebration is not complete without a cake. Enjoy the holidays with this cake batter dip recipe to add fun during the special occasion. With just four ingredients, you’ll make a simple yet delicious snack for everyone.

Easy Cake Batter Dip
You only need 4 ingredients to make this decadent Cake Batter Dip Recipe.
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26. Chocolate Fruit dip

This dip matches the freshness of your favorite fruits. Spice up your holiday menu by adding a fruit corner and this delicious chocolate fruit dip. The taste of cream cheese and chocolate will make you ask for more.

Chocolate Fruit Dip
For the best dip for fruit that's super easy. Chocolate Fruit Dip is heavenly with the best cream cheese mixture loaded with chocolate.
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27. Funfetti Dip

Get your best cake mix and add fun to the holiday spirit with this funfetti dip. This funfetti recipe gives you little to no prep time since it is so easy and fun to make. Kids will be lining up to your dinner table once they’ve tasted the sweetness of this funfetti dip.

You may also love this Sugar Cookie Dip Recipe.

Funfetti Dip
This dip is full of cake batter flavored and topped with fun rainbow sprinkles.
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28. Brownie batter dip

This brownie batter dip recipe is so delicious. With only five ingredients, you’ll attract a crowd to your dinner table. It’s the perfect holiday party food.

Brownie batter dip
It is loaded with rich chocolate flavors and is creamy and decadent.
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29. Cannoli dip

What’s better than the combination of ricotta, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and vanilla in one dip? This cannoli dip recipe is so cheesy and tasty. The perfect balance between the ingredients creates a smooth and creamy texture.

Cannoli dip
This recipe turns a classic cannoli into a recipe that is so quick and easy for a sweet treat any day of the week.
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30. Cheesecake dip

Cheesecake dip is easy to treat and you can whip it up within minutes. Add your favorite treat and you’re good to go. This dip will be on top of the list of cheesecake lovers.

Cheesecake dip
Cheesecake Dip is creamy and easy to make for a decadent treat in minutes.
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31. Oreo dip

Kids will surely love this Oreo dip recipe. Spend less time and money cooking since this recipe has four ingredients. It is so delicious and it’s best to end the Christmas evening with this dessert.

Oreo dip
Oreo dip is rich and delicious with only 4 ingredients.
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32. Oreo fluff

Add an extra kick to your Oreo dip and make it rich and creamy! This easy Oreo fluff recipe requires no oven time, you’ll spend minimal effort trying this. You will surely love the taste of this dip when paired with your favorite Christmas cookie.

Oreo fluff
Creamy pudding, whipped topping and cookies make this dessert heavenly.
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33. Unicorn Dip

Add some pastels to your reds and greens with this easy unicorn dip recipe. This no bake recipe is tasty. Kids of all ages will love a unicorn theme for your Christmas event.

Unicorn Dip
This fun no-bake dessert is perfect for a rainbow party or unicorn party that is absolutely delicious.
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34. S’mores Dip

S’mores dip is very famous amongst young guests. With just 2 ingredients, you’ll have a perfect treat to serve for your parties and get-togethers. It’s sweet and it tastes amazing, you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

S’mores Dip
Your family will go crazy over this 2-ingredient S'mores dip with melted chocolate and marshmallows that taste like they were roasted to perfection.
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Try this Christmas cookie dip recipe, it is rich and flavorful. The sweetness is great for a midnight snack during the cold season. Add some sprinkles or pair it up with some warm milk and you’re good to go.

Christmas Cookie Dip
This rich and creamy Christmas Cookie Dip Recipe comes together in minutes for your holiday party, and the sprinkles on top make it so festive.
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36. Peanut Butter Fluff Dip

With just five ingredients, you’ll have an amazing peanut butter fluff for your holiday table. The consistency of this dip is so out of this world. It is so rich and creamy.

Peanut Butter Fluff Dip
Peanut butter fluff is a rich and creamy dip with only 5 ingredients.
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37. Booty dip

Looking for an easy to make dip for this Christmas? Try this booty dip recipe and you’ll come looking for more. It only has 4 ingredients and you’ll have a must-try sweet dip.

Booty dip
This simple recipe is out of this world delicious but takes just minutes to prepare.
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Crockpot Dips

Spend your cold holiday nights by trying some cozy and alluring crockpot dip. These dips are normally prepared by putting the ingredients in a crockpot. Then cooking them on low heat for a number of hours to combine the flavors.

We also love sweet and savory dip include a hot crab dip.

If you have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, these recipes are definitely for you. Listed below are some of the best crockpot dip recipes:

38. Crockpot cheeseburger dip

Crockpot cheeseburger dip is perfect for your holiday menu. The meaty beef together with tons of cheese, this combination is heavenly! If you want to have the creamiest dip, check out this cheeseburger dip recipe.

Crockpot cheeseburger dip
Crockpot cheeseburger dip recipe has hearty beef and so much cheese for the creamiest dip ever.
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39. Crockpot buffalo chicken dip

Winter game nights are a great holiday theme. Nothing will go wrong if you pair your favorite chicken wings with this crockpot buffalo chicken dip recipe.

Crockpot buffalo chicken dip
This Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Dip is packed with great flavor and is easy to make since the slow cooker does all the work!
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40. Crockpot chili cheese dip

Spicy and cheesy to add warmth during the cold season. This easy to make crockpot chili cheese dip recipe saves up much of your time in the kitchen. It’ll be a crowd’s favorite because of the perfect blend of creamy and spicy.

Crockpot chili cheese dip
The entire dip is so creamy and delicious, and it only needs 3 ingredients.
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41. Crockpot Spinach Artichoke dip

Spending the holidays with your loved ones? This spinach artichoke dip recipe won’t take much of your time in the kitchen. You can taste the perfect blend of cheese, spinach, artichokes, and more.

Crockpot Spinach Artichoke dip
Crockpot Spinach Artichoke Dip is an easy dip that is creamy and delicious perfect for parties, Game Day, and more.
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42. Crockpot bacon cheese dip

This recipe for crockpot bacon cheese dip is the best for this holiday season! The taste of the savory and creamy cheese with a hint of smoky aroma bacon is perfect. Learn this easy party dip and you’ll keep on looking for it once you’ve tasted its deliciousness.

Crockpot bacon cheese dip
This easy-to-make recipe for Crock-Pot Bacon Cheese Dip is super cheesy with just the right touch of bacon flavor.
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43. Crockpot caramel dip

Crockpot caramel dip is so easy and it will surely satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. The warm and gooey texture is perfect together with some of your sweet Christmas treats. The Crockpot caramel dip recipe is a game changer if you’re spending less on ingredients.

Crockpot caramel dip
Enjoy this simple and easy-to-make Crock-Pot Caramel Dip made in the slow cooker.
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44. Crockpot White Chili Chicken Dip

If you’re looking for an extraordinary appetizer to bring, try this crockpot white chili chicken dip recipe. It’s the creamiest chicken dip you’ll ever try.

Crockpot White Chili Chicken Dip
This hearty appetizer is packed with shredded chicken, cream cheese, green chiles, white beans, tomatoes, taco seasoning, and mozzarella cheese.
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45. Crockpot cheese dip

The easiest way to heighten up your favorite Christmas snacks is to pair them up with crockpot cheese dip. Crockpot cheese dip can be served while you wait for your other guests to arrive.

Crockpot cheese dip
This warm crockpot cheese dip is a tasty combo of bacon, cheddar, and ranch.
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We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas dip recipes you have to try! They are simple to make and are the perfect appetizers. We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas dip recipes you have to try! #christmasonadime #christmasdips #dipsforchristmas

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