Go all out this holiday season by making these delicious Mexican Christmas desserts. We’ve rounded up the 55 best Mexican Christmas desserts to enjoy with family and friends.

Go all out this holiday season by making these Mexican Christmas desserts. We’ve rounded up the 55 best Mexican Christmas desserts. Make your holiday extra unique and fantastic with these Mexican desserts for Christmas. Nothing beats good treats to serve and eat during Christmas time! #christmasonadime #mexicanchristmasdesserts #christmasdesserts
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Traditional Mexican Desserts for Christmas

Make your holiday extra unique and fantastic with these Mexican desserts for Christmas. Nothing beats good treats to serve and eat during Christmas time! 

Go all out this holiday season by making these Mexican Christmas desserts. We’ve rounded up the 55 best Mexican Christmas desserts. Make your holiday extra unique and fantastic with these Mexican desserts for Christmas. Nothing beats good treats to serve and eat during Christmas time! #christmasonadime #mexicanchristmasdesserts #christmasdesserts

1. Mexican Bunuelos

Mexican bunuelos are perfect to serve during the holidays, especially on Christmas and New Year. This recipe makes the best fried dough with cinnamon sugar topping you will love. It includes simple ingredients like baking powder, oil, salt, all-purpose flour, and ground cinnamon.

Mexican Bunuelos
Bunuelos is a dessert made from fried dough, usually flattened into disks covered in cinnamon sugar.
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2. Homemade Sopapilla

What’s not to love about this homemade sopapilla that is deep-fried with honey topping? This recipe contains flour, oil, salt, sugar, baking powder, warm water, vegetable shortening, and honey. Sprinkle it with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar on top mixture before serving.

Homemade Sopapilla
This traditional Sopapilla recipe is fried to perfection and drizzled in honey. The dough is very simple to make and tastes delicious.
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3. Rosca De Reyes

Impress your family with this delicious dessert that appears like a king’s crown with jewels. Top it with candied cherries, strips of guava paste, citrus peel, or slices of almonds. Serve this rosca de reyes to your holiday table, and everyone will love it!

Rosca De Reyes
This easy recipe shows you exactly how to make and decorate this traditional Rosca de Reyes for your Epiphany party.
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4. Mexican Cheesecake

Enjoy a Mexican cheesecake that is a family favorite dessert at gatherings, parties, and holidays. It has a lighter texture than regular cheesecake with the perfect sweetness you will love.

Decorate it with your favorite toppings such as strawberries and homemade whipped cream. Sopapilla cheesecake bars are also a request we get every year. Top with caramel sauce for a delicious option.

Mexican Cheesecake
It has a lighter texture than regular cheesecake with the perfect sweetness you will love. Decorate it with your favorite toppings such as strawberries and homemade whipped cream.
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5. Tres Leches Cake

Taste an incredibly moist and delicious treat in every slice of this tres leches cake. It uses three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and whole milk. Serve it with whipped cream or berries such as strawberries or blueberries on top.

Tres Leches Cake
Tres Leche Cake Recipe is very simple but always the first dessert to disappear at parties. From the moist cake to the decadent whipped topping, this recipe does not disappoint. 
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6. Mexican Sweet Bread 

You can easily make this Mexican sweet bread any time of the week at home. It has the perfect amount of sweetness and a soft texture you will love. Impress your family, friends, and guests by making this popular treat during the holiday season!

Mexican Sweet Bread
There are several steps but they are very easy to follow. Each bite has the perfect blend of sweetness without being overly sweet.
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7. Russian Tea Cakes

Russian tea cakes are bite-size treats with a powdered sugar coating that are tasty! This recipe calls for six simple ingredients and comes together quickly. These are buttery and flavorful desserts with chopped nuts that will be your new favorite!

Russian Tea Cakes
Russian Tea Cakes are buttery on the inside and coated with powdered sugar on the outside. Each bite melts in your mouth and tastes amazing with bits of chopped nuts.
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8. Camote Enmielado

Serve this camote enmielado to your family and friends, perfect for the fall and winter seasons. This comforting treat known as Mexican candied sweet potatoes is a crowd-pleaser. It contains ingredients like sweet potatoes, whole clove, piloncillo, star anise pod, and cinnamon sticks.

Camote Enmielado
Warm and sweet Camote Enmielado (Mexican Candied Sweet Potatoes) are made from sweet potatoes, piloncillo, and comforting spices.
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9. Marbled Tres Leches Cake

This marbled tres leches cake is a vanilla cake with swirls of rich chocolate. It includes a delicious sauce that combines sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and whole milk. Sprinkle it with ground cinnamon and decorate with grated Mexican chocolate on top!

Marbled Tres Leches Cake
In my marbled version, the vanilla cake has fudgy chocolate swirls that go wild when soaked in the tres leches sauce. I garnish with copious amounts of grated Mexican chocolate all over the top and a sprinkle of ground canela.
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10. Pumpkin Spice Tamales

Bake these pumpkin spice tamales which are inspired by your favorite pumpkin spice latte. It has flavors like pumpkin bread with chopped pecans and has the perfect sweetness. This recipe is a delicious dessert for Fall but works great for Christmas too!

Pumpkin Spice Tamales
These pumpkin tamales taste very similar to pumpkin bread with chopped pecans. I especially love them drizzled with sweet condensed milk and sprinkled with pecan halves, and pomegranate seeds for a festive touch.
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11. Tres Leche Cupcakes

These tres leche cupcakes contain three kinds of milk making light, fluffy, and moist desserts. It is perfect for an individual serving on your next special occasions or holidays. Add whipped cream, slices of strawberries, or cinnamon on top for a finishing touch!

Tres Leche Cupcakes
Tres Leche Cupcakes are light, airy, and fluffy and are lightly soaked in three milks. The cupcakes are topped with whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon and sliced strawberries.
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12. Mexican Fried Ice Cream

Make your Mexican fried ice cream easier and tastier without actually deep frying it! This recipe has the same flavor and texture as the classic fried ice cream. Add your favorite toppings like maraschino cherries, honey, a dash of cinnamon, and whipped cream.

Mexican Fried Ice Cream
This easy Mexican Fried Ice Cream recipe uses a simple hack to get the texture and flavor of fried ice cream, without actually frying ice cream.
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13. Capirotada

Try this capirotada if you’re craving for a Mexican-style bread pudding this Christmas. It has a sweet, spicy syrup making it a delicious treat that everyone will enjoy. Add slices of almonds, walnuts, onions, raisins, and bananas for an extra boost of flavor.

This type of bread pudding is all about the sweet spiced syrup. Combine water, piloncillo or brown sugar, and whole spices in a pot of water and steep.
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14. Gelatina De Mosaico

Add this beautiful and delightful gelatina de mosaico to your holiday table on Christmas. It is a refreshing Mexican dessert with a creamy texture and sweet flavor. Serve it with your favorite fruit like maraschino cherries or add whipped cream on top.

Gelatina De Mosaico
This dessert is super fun to make, it tastes delicious and looks so pretty! Let me show you how easy it is to make this Gelatina De Mosaico at home.
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15. Mexican Cinnamon Cookies 

These Mexican cinnamon cookies are perfect to enjoy all year round, especially during the holidays. These delicious cookies have a buttery texture and sweet flavor that smells fantastic with cinnamon. It includes ingredients like cinnamon, butter, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, all-purpose flour, and salt.

Mexican Cinnamon Cookies 
These buttery Mexican cookies are usually made with butter, flour, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, salt, and cinnamon.
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16. Chocolate Chilli Pots

Chocolate chilli pots only take seven simple ingredients to make for your holiday gatherings. It contains dark chocolate, pure cream, ancho chilli, sugar, egg yolks, and dried chilli flakes.

Chocolate Chilli Pots
Chocolate chilli pots only take seven simple ingredients to make for your holiday gatherings. It contains dark chocolate, pure cream, ancho chilli, sugar, egg yolks, and dried chilli flakes.
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17. Blueberry Lemon Flan

If you love the taste of blueberry and lemon, this recipe is perfect for you! It includes ingredients like eggs, evaporated milk, condensed milk, sugar, lemon zest, and frozen blueberries. Get creative and decorate this blueberry lemon flan perfect to serve during the holidays.

Blueberry Lemon Flan
I took the family recipe and added some flavors of my own, two of my favorites in fact; blueberry and lemon.
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18. Champurrado

Have a warm holiday season with this champurrado that is tastier than hot chocolate! It is a thick, creamy, and delicious drink that will please everyone. Eat it plain or serve it alongside migas, tlacoyos, pozole, chilaquiles, or beef tamales.

Champurrado is a warm and thick drink made with masa, Mexican chocolate, cinnamon, piloncillo, and milk.
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19. Festive Fruit Punch Gelatin

This recipe is a yummy fruit punch that is inspired by a gelatin dessert. Festive fruit punch gelatin is one of the best treats to impress your family this holiday!

Festive Fruit Punch Gelatin
Knock their socks off with this delicious fruit punch-inspired gelatin dessert. Get out a cinnamon stick and give it a try!
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20. Mexican Christmas Punch

This Mexican Christmas punch bursts with different fruits and spices making it a healthy treat. It is perfect to enjoy during the cold season with your family and friends. Make it ahead of time to have the best flavor and serve it when ready!

Mexican Christmas Punch
Ponche requires a few seasonal, somewhat exotic ingredients. It starts with lots of fresh fruit, spices, and pure sugar cane.
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21. Baked Pumpkin Empanadas

Take your empanadas to the next level by making these delicious baked pumpkin empanadas. Make this easy-to-make recipe any time of the day perfect for your occasions. It is a flavorful treat with original Mexican flavors of cinnamon, pumpkin, and brown sugar.

Baked Pumpkin Empanadas
This pumpkin empanada recipe mixes authentic Mexican flavors of piloncillo (brown sugar), cinnamon, and pumpkin to create a rich pocket full of flavor.
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22. Mexican Chocolate Cake

Chocolate lovers will go crazy over this Mexican chocolate cake inspired by Mexican hot chocolate. It uses spices such as chili powder and cinnamon that give a fantastic warmth. This recipe includes a yummy and sweet cinnamon frosting that everyone will love.

Mexican Chocolate Cake
The cinnamon and chili powder are what takes this recipe from your average chocolate cake to a Mexican Chocolate Cake.
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23. Rompope

All you need is a delightful treat this Christmas by making the rompope Mexican eggnog. It is light, creamy, and tasty with few ingredients that come together easily and quickly. Enjoy it plain or add whipped cream, cinnamon stick, ground cinnamon, or anise star on top!

Getting festive with this delicious Rompope recipe is easy! This is the Mexican eggnog version and super popular during the holidays but in Mexico, it’s also enjoyed throughout the year.
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24. Cajeta Quemada Bread Pudding

Check out this cajeta quemada bread pudding perfect to make for any occasion or holiday. This recipe contains ground cinnamon, cajeta quemada, bolillos, and vanilla extract. It is a deliciously creamy treat that everyone will enjoy, especially those cajeta lovers!

Cajeta Quemada Bread Pudding
Call it what you want: cajeta, dulce de leche, arequipe, manjar blanco, bollo de leche or doce de leite. However, this sweet delight is the same delicious confection, prepared with goat or cow’s milk and equal parts sugar.
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25. Mexican Corn Cake

Each bite of this delightful Mexican corn cake is tender, sweet, and incredibly delicious. This dessert comes together quickly and resembles both cake and pudding full of corn flavor. It has a fantastic texture, thanks to the whole and chopped corn kernels.

Mexican Corn Cake
It’s a soft, sweet dish that is a little like pudding and a little like cake.  It’s soft and bursting with corn flavor.
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26. Mexican Hot Chocolate Tequila Ice Cream

Enjoy a fantastic holiday season with this Mexican hot chocolate tequila ice cream. It is tastier and spicier with a rich chocolate flavor than the classic chocolate ice cream. This recipe includes tequila creating a flavorful and creamy treat with a kick!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Tequila Ice Cream
This Mexican Hot Chocolate Tequila ice cream has a deep chocolate flavor, it’s less sweet than traditional chocolate ice cream, and has a hint of cinnamon and Cayenne Pepper.
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27. Chocolate Tres Leches Cake

Everyone will love this chocolate tres leches cake with a creamy chocolate whipped cream topping. This recipe has a rich and flavorful chocolate flavor, thanks to the Dutch-processed cocoa powder. It is a buttery, moist, and smooth dessert perfect to serve during the holiday season.

Chocolate Tres Leches Cake
Chocolate Tres Leches Cake is a rich, decadent and moist chocolate cake soaked in three milks and topped with a luscious chocolate whipped cream topping and chocolate shavings.
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28. Buñuelos De Viento

These buñuelos de viento are cute and crispy treats perfect to serve during the holidays. It is a delicious dessert with a flower shape and light texture. Sprinkle it with the confectioner’s sugar or add a cinnamon and sugar mixture coating.

Buñuelos De Viento
Buñuelos de Viento are rosette-shaped fritters made of a light batter, fried until crispy, and then coated with cinnamon and sugar.
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29. Strawberry Pistachio Flan

Make a beautiful and delicious dessert to serve at your holiday table with this recipe. The strawberry pistachio flan is a delightful and smooth treat to enjoy with the family.

Strawberry Pistachio Flan
A deliciously refreshing strawberry pistachio flan that's so creamy and beautiful.
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30. Mexican Budin De Pan

This Mexican budin de pan is a soft and flavorful pudding that smells fantastic. It’s a budget friendly dessert that is easy to make and perfect for the holidays. Serve it plain or put your favorite toppings like cajeta, fresh fruits, or ice cream.

Mexican Budin De Pan
he recipe is so easy to make and also budget-friendly, it can be served simple as it is or add your favorite toppings, such as fresh fruit, ice cream, condensed milk, or cajeta.
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31. Dessert Empanadas

You will always go right by making these dessert empanadas during the holiday season. This recipe creates a buttery, sweet dough that is crispy and delicious. Add your favorite filling like fresh fruits, fruit jam, Nutella, cajeta, or dulce de leche.

Dessert Empanadas
Simple to make, be sure to make Dessert Empanadas with a delicious sweet dough that makes a crispy on the outside, buttery and bursting with fruit fillings empanadas.
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32. Arroz Con Leche

This arroz con leche will be a huge hit to rice pudding lovers! This recipe combines rice, milk, and a mix of spices making a warm and smooth treat. It is a perfect snack and dessert that is easy to make all year round.

Arroz Con Leche
Warm and creamy, hearty and delicious, this Arroz con Leche recipe is accentuated with the warm flavors of cinnamon and the addition of plump, chewy raisins there’s nothing quite so cozy and comforting as this Mexican rice pudding.
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33. Coconut Tres Leches Cake

Take a bite of this coconut tres leches cake and taste a delightful sponge cake! It has toasted coconut toppings with a delicious and smooth whipped cream frosting. This recipe creates a soft and moist treat in every slice that will please everyone.

Coconut Tres Leches Cake
Toasted Coconut Tres Leches Cake is a sponge cake soaked in three milks and topped with a delicate whipped topping and flaked coconut.
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34. Christmas Cortadillo

You can now easily make this popular Christmas cortadillo at home perfect for the holidays. The texture of this treat is like a cake with white or pink icing. Decorate it with colorful sprinkles for an extra festive touch that everyone will love.

Christmas Cortadillo
With a cake-like texture and topped with pink or white icing, this sweet bread is traditionally decorated with colorful sprinkles.
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35. Tres Leches Cake with Dulce de Leche Glaze

Tres leches cake with dulce de leche glaze is a beautiful dessert perfect for Christmas. This recipe includes a yummy dulce de leche glaze with dark rum. It has a similar texture to your favorite custard or bread pudding.

Tres Leches Cake with Dulce de Leche Glaze
Tres leches cake or pastel de tres leches is a light and fluffy cake soaked with a mixture of three milks: sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream (leche means milk in Spanish) with a rum-spiked dulce de leche glaze.
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36. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Tamales

These pumpkin cream cheese tamales are delightful treats to enjoy with your family and friends. It has flavors of different spices with a pumpkin cream cheese filling you will love. Serve it warm alongside whipped cream on top for the best eating experience!

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Tamales
Pumpkin cream cheese tamales flavored with brown sugar, ginger, cloves, cinnamon are filled with a pumpkin cream cheese filling.
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37. Homemade Mexican Churros

Experience a whole new level of churros on Christmas with these homemade Mexican churros.

This recipe creates soft, fluffy, and crispy churros with a delicious cinnamon sugar coating. Eat it plain or pair it with horchata, café con leche, or Mexican hot chocolate.

Homemade Mexican Churros
Slightly airy, cinnamon-infused dough is piped directly into hot frying oil and crisped to a perfect golden brown before being removed from the fryer and coated in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.
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38. Mexican Chocolate Tamales

Satisfy your sweet cravings by making these Mexican chocolate tamales during the holiday season. This recipe contains pecans and dulce de leche stuffings with a soft texture.

Mexican Chocolate Tamales
The sweet tamales texture is soft. And the dulce de leche combined with the pecans makes the chocolate tamales a delight.
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39. Dulce De Leche Cheesecake Bars

Make these dulce de leche cheesecake bars a family tradition to serve at holiday parties. These are creamy, dense, and delicious treats to add to your Christmas table. The ginger flavor complements the perfectly sweet filling of this irresistible dessert!

Dulce De Leche Cheesecake Bars
It is simple to make, just empty a few cans of sweetened condensed milk and cook it in a bowl over a double boiler for a few hours.
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40. Mexican Atole

Mexican atole will be a huge hit to everyone during the winter season. This recipe creates a warm, thick drink that contains whole milk, grated piloncillo, and masa harina.

Mexican Atole
 A warming drink perfect for winter, this Mexican Atole recipe is full of the comforting flavors of vanilla and cinnamon.
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41. Strawberry Tamales

Make a batch of these strawberry tamales with gluten free and plant based ingredients. This recipe has fresh and juicy strawberries giving a flavor that is light and summery! It is a sweet dessert to make for any occasion, especially during holiday parties.

Strawberry Tamales
These sweet tamales (or tamales de dulce) are so easy to make and perfect for any occasion — birthdays, Christmas, or just a day off!
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42. Apple Empanadas

Try this recipe if you love the taste of apples in your favorite desserts. It includes apples, ground cinnamon, vanilla extract, lemon, and sugar making a delicious apple filling. Pair these apple empanadas with a sweet dipping sauce like dulce de leche sauce.

Apple Empanadas
This is my easy recipe for apple empanadas with spiced cinnamon dough. These sweet empanadas are baked and topped with cinnamon sugar.
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43. Coconut Dulce De Leche Cake

This recipe combines coconut cake and dulce de leche into a delightful treat. Coconut dulce de leche cake has a crunchy texture, thanks to the toasted coconuts. It includes a cream cheese coconut frosting that will be a big hit to everyone!

Coconut Dulce De Leche Cake
Try my recipe for the cake version of this pie with toasted coconut, coconut frosting, coconut cake, and a rich dulce de leche filling.
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44. Mexican Chocolate Mousse With Ancho and Orange

Mexican chocolate mousse with ancho and orange is an effortless dessert to make at home. This recipe contains Triple Sec, whole milk, Mexican chocolate, ancho chile powder, and salt. Sprinkle it with orange zest or ancho powder for the ultimate treat!

Mexican Chocolate Mousse with Ancho and Orange
Mexican Chocolate Mousse with Ancho and Orange combines the luscious flavor of Mexican chocolate with Triple Sec and a hint of ancho chile powder in a fluffy, creamy spicy chocolate mousse!
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45. Cocadas

You must try these cocadas that are easy and quick to make treats. This is a gluten free recipe that creates sweet desserts with caramel and nut flavors. Top it with dried fruits or almonds for the best flavor!

Cocadas are a cookie made with coconut, sweetened condensed milk and (optional) macadamia nuts! This recipe is quick, simple, and oh-so-delicious.
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46. Jamoncillo De Leche

Treat yourself to this classic Mexican candy that comes together quickly with only four ingredients. This jamoncillo de leche is a delicate and sweet candy perfect for everyone. Plus, it is a fantastic gift to give to your loved ones during the holidays.

Jamoncillo De Leche
Quick, easy, and only four ingredients!
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47. Jericalla

Bake this jericalla, a popular Mexican custard dessert, that has burned crème brûlée on top. This recipe has the same custard texture as flan and comes together quickly. It contains ingredients like whole milk, whole eggs, whole cinnamon sticks, sugar, and vanilla extract.

Jericalla is a Mexican custard dessert made with just a few ingredients. It has a custard-like texture similar to flan, and a burned top like crème brûlée.
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48. Mazapan

Are you looking for the easiest last minute dessert to make during the holiday season? This crumbly and tasty mazapan is a Mexican peanut candy with two ingredients. It only takes under 10 minutes to make using a food processor.

This crumbly, sweet & delicious Mexican candy is made with only two ingredients: peanuts & confectioner sugar.
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49. Fresas Con Crema

Fresas con crema is a popular Mexican dessert that you can easily make at home. It is one of the easiest recipes to make and only calls for five ingredients. This recipe has layers of flavorful strawberries with an irresistible sweet cream sauce!

Fresas Con Crema
Layers of sweet and juicy strawberries drizzled with sweet cream sauce. Mexican fresas con crema or strawberries and cream is one of the easiest and most delicious desserts.
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50. Pumpkin Pecan Polvorones

These pumpkin pecan polvorones are soft and nutty treats that are easy to make. It includes simple ingredients like pumpkin purée, cinnamon, raw pecans, and whole wheat pastry flour. Use coconut oil rather than butter if you’re following a vegan diet.

Pumpkin Pecan Polvorones
They are powdered sugar-dusted nuggets of goodness with tender, golden insides.
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51. Warm Cajeta Pudding with Fresh Berries

You should try this warm cajeta pudding with fresh berries on your Mexican themed holiday. It is a warming dessert that contains fresh berries and homemade Mexican caramel. This recipe is similar to your favorite bread pudding but tastes even better!

Warm Cajeta Pudding with Fresh Berries
A warm Mexican dessert that resembles bread pudding, made with a fresh, homemade Mexican caramel and fresh berries.
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52. Mexican Chocolate Pie with Cinnamon Drizzle

Spend a fantastic time with your family with this Mexican chocolate pie with cinnamon drizzle. This recipe creates a creamy, crumbly, and tasty treat that is a crowd pleaser. It is an easy to make dessert with only a few simple ingredients.

Mexican Chocolate Pie with Cinnamon Drizzle
This is an easy, fast, flaky, creamy Mexican chocolate pie à la mode with Cinnamon Drizzle.
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53. Pumpkin Dulce De Leche Cake

This pumpkin dulce de leche cake is a comforting dessert that you can make beforehand. It has layers of spiced pumpkin cake, dulce de leche, and cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Put your favorite nuts like walnuts, pepitas, or pecans as toppings for a finishing touch!

Pumpkin Dulce De Leche Cake
With layers of spiced pumpkin cake, smooth dulce de leche, and cinnamon cream cheese frosting, this Pumpkin Dulce de Leche Cake will be a seasonal favorite!
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54. Mexican Hot Chocolate Pudding

Mexican hot chocolate pudding is a warming treat perfect for the holidays. This recipe has all the flavors of your favorite chocolate cake and Mexican hot chocolate. It has layers of rich chocolate sauce and fudgy cake you will love.

Mexican Hot Chocolate Pudding
This is the kind of recipe that should get pretty regular traffic – it's super easy to make, tastes amazing, and it's super chocolatey.
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55. Peach Gelatina

Level up your classic gelatina with this peach gelatina that comes together quickly. This recipe combines creamy gelatin and peach gelatin cubes into a delicious treat. Add diced peaches and drizzle a fresh peach sauce on top.

Peach Gelatina
This Peach Gelatina is made from peach gelatin cubes, combined with a creamy gelatin made with sweetened condensed milk, lemon extract and unflavored gelatin.
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Easy Christmas Mexican Desserts:

These traditional Mexican Christmas desserts are easy to make and the perfect addition to your dessert table. Choose one of the Mexican Dessert Recipes for a crowd pleasing treat.

We love making Mexican Side dishes such as Mexican sweet corn cake, stew and soup for a delicious variation. You can even make Christmas Eve Salad topped with lime juice and cilantro.

These desserts would be perfect for an authentic Mexican wedding.

Go all out this holiday season by making these Mexican Christmas desserts. We’ve rounded up the 55 best Mexican Christmas desserts. Make your holiday extra unique and fantastic with these Mexican desserts for Christmas. Nothing beats good treats to serve and eat during Christmas time! #christmasonadime #mexicanchristmasdesserts #christmasdesserts

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