Experience an Italian holiday with these Italian Christmas cookie recipes that are delicious. We’ve rounded up the 55 best Italian Christmas cookie recipes that you can easily make.

Experience an Italian holiday with these authentic Italian Christmas cookie recipes that are delicious. We’ve rounded up the 55 best Italian Christmas cookie recipes that you can easily make. Traditional recipes with ricotta and more that are easy and yummy. #christmasonadime #italianchristmascookierecipes #christmascookies
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Italian Christmas Cookies

Don’t miss out on these Italian Christmas cookies that will complete the holiday with your family. Get everyone in the holiday mood by making these Italian Christmas cookies!

Jump to the recipes and let’s get started. Many of these recipes only take 8-10 minutes.

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Experience an Italian holiday with these authentic Italian Christmas cookie recipes that are delicious. We’ve rounded up the 55 best Italian Christmas cookie recipes that you can easily make. Traditional recipes with ricotta and more that are so easy. #christmasonadime #italianchristmascookierecipes #christmascookies

1. Italian Christmas Cookies

Make these delicious and buttery Italian Christmas cookies that will be a family favorite with a sweet glaze.

Italian Christmas Cookies
Traditional Italian Christmas Cookies are soft and buttery, topped with a sweet glaze and festive sprinkles!
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2. Cookies

This recipe is so pretty and easy to make with butter and sugar, almond extract and flour, baking powder.

Neapolitan Cookies
Stunning Neapolitan cookies made with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate dough. A cookie with three flavors in one bite!
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3. Pignoli Cookies

You can make a traditional Italian cookie with just four ingredients this Christmas.

Pignoli Cookies
Soft, chewy almond-flavored centers with a crispy, crunchy exterior that’s covered in golden, toasted pine nuts. Super quick and easy to make!
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4. Cranberry Pistachio Cornmeal Biscotti

Dip the ends of these delicious treats in melted chocolate for a great cookie.

Cranberry Pistachio Cornmeal Biscotti
Cornmeal, ground ginger, and orange zest add flair to these biscotti, and jeweled dried cranberries and pistachios round out the seasonal flavor profile.
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5. Italian Ricotta Cookies

These traditional Italian Christmas cookies will melt in your mouth and have the best lemon flavor.

Italian Ricotta Cookies
Italian Ricotta Cookies are soft and tender, cake-like cookies with a sweet and simple icing. They have a light lemon flavor and plenty of moisture thanks to the rich ricotta.
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6. Walnut Crescent Cookies

You will only need five ingredients to bake these yummy cookies in just a few minutes.

Walnut Crescent Cookies
Buttery, delicate, and the perfect way to enhance any Christmas cookie tray! Made with just 5 ingredients and coated in powdered sugar, these quick and easy cookies are the perfect holiday treat!
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7. Panettone Biscotti

Spread the love and joy by sharing these cookies during the holiday season.

Panettone Biscotti
If you add these, coconut macaroons, and clusters made with rice cereal to your selection, everyone will have a treat they can enjoy!
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8. Italian Butter Cookies

This is a bakery-style recipe that creates soft, buttery, and lightly browned cookies.

Italian Butter Cookies
This cookie recipe requires 7 basic ingredients and takes 1 hour to make. You can't beat these soft, rich, melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies.
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9. Cuccidati

These festive cookies are soft and delicious with a white glaze.

Cuccidati are full of dried fruits, toasted nuts, spices, and a little honey.
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10. Italian Sprinkle Christmas Cookies

This recipe is a fun twist on the traditional Italian sprinkle cookies by changing the sprinkles on them. You can use parchment lined baking sheets to make clean up so easy.

Italian Sprinkle Christmas Cookies
This recipe makes a delicious, sweet, and soft cookie dunked into a sweet glaze and topped with colorful sprinkles.
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11. Chocolate Pizzelles

This recipe uses half dark chocolate cocoa and half natural cocoa that tastes so delicious.

Chocolate Pizzelles
Chocolate Pizzelles dipped in white chocolate with peppermint, walnuts, chocolate chips, coconut, and pistachios are a special holiday treat.
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12. Italian Sugar Cookies

Balls of dough are soft and full of lemon flavor with a lemony glaze you will love.

Italian Sugar Cookies
Soft lemon sugar cookies with a lemony glaze and sprinkles on top! These are a Christmas favorite and are so cute in cookie tins.
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13. Pistachio Ricotta Cookies

These cookies are rich and delicious with ricotta cheese and a glaze.

Pistachio Ricotta Cookies
These cookies are so simple to make, they don't even require a mixer and can easily be done by hand. Cool, glaze and viola decadent Italian addicting cookie for all pistachio lovers!
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14. Befanini Cookies With Rainbow Sprinkles

These are festive cookies with simple ingredients that are perfect to make! Also, make sure to cool completely on a wire rack.

Befanini Cookies with Rainbow Sprinkles
This Befanini cookies recipe is very easy to make. It includes basic ingredients such as flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and a pinch of salt.
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15. Glazed Italian Christmas Cookies

This recipe contains simple ingredients and has flavors of anise with a sweet sugar glaze that taste great.

Glazed Italian Christmas Cookies
Italian Christmas Cookies are delicious cake-like cookies with a hint of anise and sweet sugar glaze.
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16. Italian Wedding Cookies

These buttery and tasty Italian wedding cookies have a delicious glaze. Allow cookies to come to room temperature and use a small bowl to drizzle glaze.

Italian Wedding Cookies
This Italian cookies recipe is so buttery and delicious with an amazing glaze. The sprinkles make the cookies festive and each bite is decadent and tasty.
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17. Christmas Double Chocolate Biscotti

This recipe is the perfect holiday treat for a delicious coffee break.

Christmas Double Chocolate Biscotti
Twice-baked, oblong-shaped cookies made intentionally dry and crunchy for dunking into coffee or tea — and these are made with a double dose of chocolate.
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18. Chocolate Cookies

This recipe involves ingredients like almond flour, cocoa powder, and flour that come together fast.

Mostaccioli Cookies
One of the best Italian Christmas cookies, this authentic Italian mostaccioli cookies recipe calls for easy ingredients and no butter or eggs.
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19. Italian Cookies

Sprinkle these cookies with powdered sugar and enjoy eating them with your favorite drink.

Italian Ricciarelli Cookies
Italian Ricciarelli Cookies are soft and chewy and are made with almond flour with a hint of orange or lemon flavor.
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20. Classic Italian Pizzelle 

Create these sweet classic Italian pizzelle to serve for a delicious Christmas dessert.

Classic Italian Pizzelle 
These thin and crisp Italian waffle-style cookies are made from flour, eggs, butter, anise, and vanilla and cooked in a pizzelle iron.
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21. Pizzicati

These are light, soft, and slightly sweet Italian treats perfect on your Christmas table.

Pizzicati are delicate Italian shortbread cookies filled with jam. Sometimes called biscotti pizzicati or simply pinch cookies, the jam-filled cookies are not too sweet and beautiful on a dessert tray. 
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22. Italian Lemon Drop Cookies

These are the perfect cookies to make year-round and especially during the holidays.

Italian Lemon Drop Cookies
Italian Lemon Drop Cookies are a delicious dessert that’s easy to make and SO yummy! With a big burst of citrus flavor, I bet you can’t eat just one!
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23. Italian Canestrelli Cookies

These cookies taste so buttery with a lemon aroma and a crisp texture that will be a hit.

Italian Canestrelli Cookies
Guess what surprise ingredient you wouldn’t usually find in cookies of any kind. And the answer is …hard-boiled egg yolks! This helps give the Canestrelli cookies their typical texture and a wonderfully rich finish.
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24. Keto Pecan Pistachio Biscotti

This cookie is so crispy and full of flavors.

Keto Pecan Pistachio Biscotti
The classic Italian almond biscuits are made low-carb! This sugar-free cookie recipe is super simple and produces wonderfully crunchy biscotti.
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25. Chocolate Biscotti with Pistachios

Drizzle these crunchy and tasty treats with melted chocolate and sprinkle with pistachios!

Chocolate Biscotti with Pistachios
This Pistachio Chocolate Biscotti recipe is not only simple to make but it’s also incredibly tasty. Filled with pistachios and real chocolate baked into these crunchy biscuits, this is the perfect treat with your morning cuppa.
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26. Anise Seed Sugar Cookies

These holiday treats have wreath shapes and smell great.

Anise Seed Sugar Cookies
I know cut-out cookies require a bit more effort, but these are buttery, crispy, and that anise flavor is so good. They’re totally worth it! So easy and delicious!
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27. Chocolate Amaretti Cookies

These cookies have a strong almond flavor with a soft and gooey texture you will love.

Chocolate Amaretti Cookies
A few tablespoons of cocoa powder transforms these little almond cookies into rich, brownie-like bites of heaven.
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28. Cannoli Cookies

These are fluffy cookies with melted chocolate and mini chocolate chips.

Cannoli Cookies
Soft, fluffy ricotta cookies filled with mini chocolate chips and finished with melted semi-sweet chocolate. These Cannoli Cookies are a unique, delicious treat!
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29. Italian Chocolate Spice Cookies

Make these Italian chocolate spice cookies during the holiday season or for a special occasion.

Italian Chocolate Spice Cookies
Italian Chocolate Spice Cookies Recipe is an easy one-bowl chocolate cookie that is soft and cake-like with plenty of chocolaty flavor and a hint of warm spice.
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30. Classic Italian Sesame Cookies

This recipe is a traditional family favorite that you can make ahead of time.

Classic Italian Sesame Cookies
Made with sweet cream butter, toasted sesame seeds and a hint of lemon, these Italian sesame cookies are a classic family favorite.
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31. Chocolate Almond Biscotti

This recipe has a dark chocolate coating with the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness.

Chocolate Almond Biscotti
Dunkable, crunchy, packed with almonds and cranberries, then dipped in dark rich chocolate.
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32. Almond Orange Biscotti

The combination of almonds and orange zest make these cookies a great holiday treat.

Almond Orange Biscotti
The combination of almonds and orange zest gives a fantastic flavor to this holiday treat. These almond orange biscotti are tasty and crispy that is easy to make at home.
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33. Holiday Biscotti

These are flavorful cookies to serve on your holiday cookie platter that do not disappoint.

Holiday Biscotti
Complete your Christmas with these holiday biscotti which are Italian inspired treats. These are flavorful cookies to serve on your holiday cookie plate that will not disappoint.
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34. Hazelnut Almond Biscotti

These are festive cookies with a beautiful chocolate design you will love!

Hazelnut Almond Biscotti
Mixed with hazelnuts and almonds, this Hazelnut Almond Biscotti is the perfect sweet for dunking in tea and coffee.
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35. Almond Lemon Cookies

If you’re looking for a gluten-free and dairy-free dessert, this recipe is the one to try.

Almond Lemon Cookies
We’re making these lemon almond shortbread cookies with almond flour and maple syrup, so they’re vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and contain no refined sugars!
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36. Lemon Pizzelle

These crispy lemon pizzelle are fun treats to make during the holiday season.

Lemon Pizzelle
Lemon pizzelle cookies are thin and crisp waffle cookies, made with butter, lemon zest, and vanilla extract. Often made at Christmas and Easter in Italy, pizzelle cookies are easy and fun to make!  
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37. Italian Almond Ricotta Cookies

This recipe has ricotta cheese and gives the cookies a soft and moist texture.

Italian Almond Ricotta Cookies
Made with ricotta cheese, and almond extract, and topped with a delicious glaze, this is sure to be your new favorite Italian cookie recipe.
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38. Pasticcini Di Mandorle

Bake this cookie for a great addition to your cookie trays this Christmas.

Pasticcini Di Mandorle
They’re extremely soft on the inside and somewhat crispy on the outside. It’s customary to top these little almond paste cookies with red and green candied cherries or even whole almonds.
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39. Hazelnut Espresso Sandwich Cookies

It perfectly combines hazelnut espresso cookies and delicious chocolate into the best dessert.

Hazelnut Espresso Sandwich Cookies
A perfect treat of sinful chocolate ganache sandwiched between two hazelnut espresso cookies.
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40. Frosted Anise Sugar Cookies

These are rich and delicious cookies with a soft texture that are easy to make.

Frosted Anise Sugar Cookies
They’re easy and super soft, then topped with homemade whipped frosting.
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41. Wine Cookies Ciambelle al Vino

This recipe is a classic Italian Fall cookie but it works great during Christmas too.

Wine Cookies Ciambelle al Vino
Wine Cookies Ciambelle al Vino, a delicious crunchy not too sweet Italian fall cookie, made with white wine. Fast and easy.
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42. Italian Torcetti Cookies

These soft and delicious cookies contain easy ingredients that come together easily.

Italian Torcetti Cookies
These simple Italian Torcetti Cookies/Biscotti are made with a few ingredients including cream.
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43. Homemade Italian Struffoli Christmas Honey Balls

This recipe is a traditional Italian treat perfect for everyone during the holiday season.

Homemade Italian Struffoli Christmas Honey Balls
Struffoli cookies are Italian honey balls or Italian honey cookies, made with struffoli dough and warm honey. These tiny balls of crisp-fried dough are a classic Italian dessert.
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44. Florentines

These cookies have vanilla and orange flavors you will love.

Italian Florentine Cookies are lace cookies made from chopped almonds with orange & vanilla. They are then sandwiched with chocolate and you get the most delicious cookies.
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45. Italian Bow Tie Cookies

Satisfy your sweet cravings this holiday season with these tasty bow tie cookies.

Italian Bow Tie Cookies
You will notice an unusual ingredient – Scotch whisky! The whisky adds a certain flavor and lightness to the dough. These deep-fried treats taste delicious sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with strong coffee.
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46. Cinnamon Sugar Pizzelles

There is so much cinnamon flavor in these cookies to enjoy this holiday season.

Cinnamon Sugar Pizzelles
The gluten-free, vegan pizzelle batter is made with simple ingredients, cooked in a pizzelle maker, and then coated in cinnamon sugar for the perfectly crispy cookie waffle!
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47. Buccellati 

This delicious dessert is easy to make this holiday season.

Buccellati (pronounced bu-chel-la-ti) are sweets made with dried figs, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, lemon, cinnamon, vanilla, and honey.
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48. Italian Christmas Cantuccini Biscuits

These are the best desserts to share as holiday gifts with your family and friends!

Italian Christmas Cantuccini Biscuits
They’re an easy treat for Christmas time, as they’re quick and easy to make, and you can make them extra festive by adding chocolate chips, hazelnuts, pistachios, or dried fruits.
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49. Brutti Ma Buoni Cookies

Everyone will love these cookies that only contain four easy ingredients.

Brutti Ma Buoni Cookies
Made with only four ingredients, these gluten-free cookies can be eaten by almost everyone.
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50. Vegan Italian Biscotti

They are crispy, delicious, and beautiful cookies to serve on your holiday table.

Vegan Italian Biscotti
We'll show you how to make 3 types of biscotti: one with almonds and hazelnuts, one with dark chocolate chips and cranberries, and another dipped in dark chocolate.
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51. Keto Almond Flour Biscotti

This Keto recipe is the perfect Christmas dessert to stick to your keto diet.

Keto Almond Flour Biscotti
The best keto biscotti with a truly crunchy texture, bites of almonds, and only 3.2 grams of net carbs each.
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52. Italian Orange Ricotta Cookies

This is a traditional Italian cookie recipe with an orange glaze that is delicious.

Italian Orange Ricotta Cookies
We used whole milk ricotta in our orange ricotta cookies – giving them a soft, cake-like consistency. The icing also has orange zest as well as orange juice, so there is no mistaking the delicious citrus flavor!
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53. Pepatelli

It is easy to make and contains simple ingredients like black pepper and orange zest.

Mostly known as Biscotti or Cantucci this easy crunchy cookie is made with honey, nuts, orange zest, and of course black pepper.
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54. Italian Pistachio Biscotti

This recipe has delicious flavors of pistachios and more.

Italian Pistachio Biscotti
This recipe is made the Italian way – simple and delicious.
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55. Mocha Almond Cantucci

This is one of the best Italian Christmas cookies because it is soft and crispy.

Mocha Almond Cantucci
Mocha Almond Cantucci, a fast, easy, and tasty Italian Christmas or any Anytime Cookie, a delicious combination of coffee and chocolate.
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Experience an Italian holiday with these authentic Italian Christmas cookie recipes that are delicious. We’ve rounded up the 55 best Italian Christmas cookie recipes that you can easily make. Traditional recipes with ricotta and more that are yummy. #christmasonadime #italianchristmascookierecipes #christmascookies

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