I love to serve a variety of Christmas Punch Recipes for the holidays. You can make these recipe that are perfect for all ages.

I love to serve a variety of Christmas Punch Recipes for the holidays. You can make these recipe that are perfect for all ages. We love making punch that are kid friendly or for the adults with alcohol. Make a big batch and serve in your punch bowl for a light and refreshing drink. #christmasonadime #christmaspunchrecipes #christmaspunch
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We love making punch that are kid friendly or for the adults with alcohol. The bubbly, fun and festive Christmas drinks is always a crowd favorite.

Make a big batch and serve in your punch bowl for a light and refreshing drink. Make sure to check out these alcoholic Christmas punch recipes to impress your guests.

Christmas Punch Ideas

These easy holiday punch recipes are a great way to gather friends and family around with your favorite appetizer recipes. These punch recipes are sweet, light and the perfect combination of flavor.

The Best Recipes for Christmas Punch:

These Easy Christmas Punch Recipe are made with simple ingredients and can be served many different ways. Place in your favorite drink dispenser or punch bowl.

These drink recipes are easy to serve in your holiday glass garnishes with orange slices or fresh cranberries. Impress your friends and family with one of these delicious punch recipes.

1. Raspberry Sherbet Punch

Take your lemon-lime soda and mix with a delicious raspberry sherbert for a delicious drink. The beautiful pink color makes the perfect drink for your holiday brunch.

Raspberry Herbet Punch
The cranberry juice blended with Sprite and sherbet make the best punch ever!
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2. Green Punch Recipe

If you are hosting a Grinch themed party, make this green punch. It is a non-alcoholic punch and is loaded with flavor.

Green Punch Recipe
This Green Punch is the perfect way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.
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3. Rainbow Sherbet Punch

You only need 3 ingredients to make this delicious rainbow punch. You can make this punch with ginger ale or Sprite.

Rainbow Sherbet Punch
Rainbow sherbet punch has just 3 ingredients.
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4. Orange Sherbet Punch

I love that this Orange Sherbet can be made with simple ingredients. Adding in the orange juice gives it a delicious orange flavor.

Orange Sherbet Punch
Orange Sherbet Punch Recipe is a refreshing party punch bursting with orange flavor
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5. Christmas Punch

This is the perfect Christmas Morning Punch.

Christmas Punch
Christmas punch is perfect for any Christmas party or Christmas morning.
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6. Best Party Punch

3 Ingredients is all you need to make this non-alcoholic Christmas Punch.

Best Party Punch
We have the absolute best party punch recipe and you only need 3 ingredients.
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7. 3 Ingredient Grinch Punch Recipe

Serve this Grinch Punch topped with red sanding sugar for a fun and festive punch recipe.

3 Ingredient Grinch Punch Recipe
 It is a fun twist on the traditional sherbet punch recipe that our family loves.
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8. Sherbet Punch

This classic recipe is a staple at all of my kids birthday parties.

Sherbet Punch
2 ingredients is all you need for this easy sherbet punch recipe
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9. Cherry Limeade Sherbet Punch

Punch does not have to be complicated to make. You only need 2 ingredients for a family favorite recipe.

Cherry Limeade Sherbet Punch
You just need 2 ingredients to make this easy Cherry Limeade Sherbet Punch recipe!
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10. Cotton Candy Drink

This kid friendly drink is sweet, light and full of flavor.

Cotton Candy Drink
My entire family loves this Kid Friendly Cotton Candy Drink Recipe and it only takes 2 ingredients to create!
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11. Mocha Party Punch

This party punch is like drinking your favorite chocolate milkshake.

Mocha Party Punch
It’s like sipping on a combination of chocolate milkshake, Yoo-hoo and café frappé
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12. Apple Cider Sangria

This is a holiday staple at our holiday dinners. I love to serve it cold in our favorite Christmas glasses.

Apple Cider Sangria
That this week deserves a big, cold glass of sangria.
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13. Spiced Winter Sangria

Sangria is a delicious addition to your holiday drink.

Spiced Winter Sangria
Warm spices and winter fruit make this Spiced Winter Sangria recipe a fun twist on your classic Spanish red sangria.
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14. Mulled Pomegranate-Cherry Juice

Add pomegranate juice and pomegranate seeds for the perfect Christmas punch.

Mulled Pomegranate-Cherry Juice
This is so delicious during the Christmas season.
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15. Mulled Hot Cider

This hot cider punch will make your home smell amazing.

Mulled Hot Cider
This mulled cider looks beautifully festive with the bright orange and red fruits. 
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16. Holiday Champagne Punch

This holiday is sure to impress your friend and family. We love how easy it is to make.

Holiday Champagne Punch
Holiday Champagne Punch Recipe – quick to make and so delicious! 
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17. Cinnamon-Cranberry Vodka Punch

Add your favorite vodka to make this Christmas punch recipe. A delicious adult drink that has a ice ring for a beautiful punch recipe.

Cinnamon-Cranberry Vodka Punch
This recipe uses only 5 ingredients and it’s perfect for the holidays!
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18. Cranberry Moscato Wine Punch

You Christmas gathering will be complete when you serve this holiday punch with sparkling wine.

Cranberry Moscato Wine Punch
This easy cranberry moscato wine punch is perfect for parties
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19. White Christmas Punch

Creamy, delicious and a family favorite Christmas Punch.

White Christmas Punch
Perfect for any Christmas party or gatherings, this White Punch is a creamy and delicious recipe that can be enjoyed by every age.
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20. Gingerbread Bourbon Punch

Make a large batch of this Gingerbread Punch for a amazing drink.

Gingerbread Bourbon Punch
Gingerbread Bourbon Punch is the festive, spiced large batch cocktail of the season!
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21. White Christmas Margarita Punch

Make this dreamy Margarita Punch for your next holiday dinner.

White Christmas Margarita Punch
No need to dream of your white Christmas today.
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22. Eggnog Punch

If you love eggnog, then you need to make this punch recipe..

Eggnog Punch
Eggnog Punch is a delicious and decadent punch recipe that is perfect for the holidays!
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23. Peppermint Eggnog Punch

This is the perfect family friendly punch served with a side of candy cane.

Peppermint Eggnog Punch
Peppermint Egg Nog Punch is the perfect family friendly holiday party drink!
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24. Jingle Juice Holiday Christmas Punch

This holiday punch is packed with cranberries, oranges and more. You can add in pineapple juice for a delicious flavor.

Jingle Juice Holiday Christmas Punch
This festive season brings your friends and family together with a lovely fruity Christmas punch packed with fruits cranberries, oranges, pomegranates.  
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25. Tree-Trimming Punch

This punch is one of our favorites and made with simple ingredients.

Tree-Trimming Punch
Because today is the DAY that we drink Christmas punch! Tree trimming is in full effect.
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26. Winter Tea Rum Punch

Warm up to this delicious rum punch.

Winter Tea Rum Punch
The quickest way to warm up in the winter is with a glass of this winter tea rum punch!
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27. Spiced Cranberry Punch

Tart, tangy and full of flavor cranberry punch.

Spiced Cranberry Punch
Cranberries are tart, tangy, and have lots of complex flavors which make them perfect for mixing in your holiday drinks.
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28. Vodka-Spiked Cranberry Lime Punch

Spike your favorite punch with your favorite vodka. This cranberry juice cocktail is great served with fresh lime.

Vodka-Spiked Cranberry Lime Punch
Vodka-Spiked Cranberry Lime Punch is the perfect Christmas punch as it can be kid friendly and have a dose of lime vodka for the adults.
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29. Sparkling Cranberry Apple Cider Punch

This family friendly punch is delicious served with cinnamon sticks and for your next Christmas party.

Sparkling Cranberry Apple Cider Punch
This Sparkling Cranberry Apple Cider Punch is perfect for holiday parties, super easy to make, nonalcoholic, and family-friendly!
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30. Cranberry Mulled Wine

The perfect warm and cozy drink to serve on a cold day or at your next holiday party.

Cranberry Mulled Wine
Utilize leftover cranberry sauce to make this warm and cozy beverage.
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